[svlug] Mirroring of files to all nodes in a cluster

Holt Sorenson hso at nosneros.net
Tue Nov 21 10:14:57 PST 2017

If I'm understanding your problem correctly, owncloud or similar
could do it:

I'd also strongly consider setting up a bittorrent server and
bittorrent clients if the internal network architecture allows
for it, the data is static, and there's no need for authentication
or confidentiality because of how efficient bittorrent is for
moving data.

On Tue, Nov 21, 2017 at 01:04:08PM -0500, David Rosenstrauch wrote:
>I'm looking for a Linux utility that will allow me to mirror/replicate a 
>directory tree onto each and every node in a cluster, so that the data 
>will reside on the local disk on each machine.  However, I'm not seeing 
>anything that quite fits that bill.  So far I've found:
>* Gluster FS
>However, each one doesn't seem to achieve what I want in some key way:
>* DRBD seems to only really work for 2-node master/slave replica type 
>setups.  However I'm going to have a master and multiple slaves (at 
>least 3 right now, and almost certainly more in the future).  It doesn't 
>sound like DRBD supports that.
>* Gluster seems to be a distributed file system.  I.e., the data gets 
>sharded and spread across the multiple nodes in the cluster.  However, 
>this would mean that there is not a complete local copy on each node.
>Anyone have a recommendation for tool that will achieve what I want?  
>Obviously homegrown rsync scripts running on each node would be an 
>option here, but I was hoping to not have to roll my own solution for 
>this.  Also, of course, if I'm mistaken about either DRBD or Gluster's 
>capabilities, please feel free to correct.

Holt Sorenson
hso at nosneros.net

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