[svlug] Linux for older laptop

John Conover conover at rahul.net
Wed Nov 15 11:42:59 PST 2017

Michael Eager writes:
> I have an older laptop with a 32-bit Pentium M processor.  It has been 
> running Fedora 10 and I wanted to upgrade to something not quite so 
> ancient.  Fedora 26 KDE runs, but very slow.
> There are lots of recommendations online for distros for old/slow 
> laptops.  I'm not an Ubuntu fan, but it seems that this is the most 
> common base.  I'm seeing online recommendations of Lubuntu or LXLE.
> Does anyone have a recommendation or comments?

I have a old Dell Pendium 4 tower which runs Debian, 7 and 8. My
wife's Lenovo S2 Celeron runs Debian 8. All are XFce and/or FVWM.

There is a trend in the industry to end-of-life support for 32 bit
software, (Chrome, etc.,) meaning we get to buy new laptops and



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