[svlug] Who is your *nix mentor?

Robert Freiberger rfreiberger at gmail.com
Tue Jun 6 12:56:56 PDT 2017


I've been pretty much a lone wolf in the world of my career. While I have
friends in the same field, I never had someone who was really senior to
myself that was a good person to try out ideas or suggestions. This wasn't
much of a problem before as the Internet started to bring solutions to all
of my questions, then Reddit and this mailing list, assisted in the other
50% of my knowledge gaps.

But in the last year, I found myself starting to get stuck on more
difficult issues, career questions and general encouragement to keep up the
drive. Things which I don't think you can get from the disconnected distro
list, or posting. Not to stay I'm looking for someone to do my work but
it's more about suggestions and insight to my ideas.

I wonder if anyone else has faced this issue in their journey with open
source and Linux? What tricks or suggestions would you pass down? Apologies
if this is off topic for the group and if so, please email me directly to
keep the mailing list clean.

Thanks again,

Robert Freiberger
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