[svlug] (forw) GnuPG / PGP key signing party October 3rd 2017

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Thu Jul 20 09:58:20 PDT 2017

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Subject: GnuPG / PGP key signing party October 3rd 2017
Organization: Mozilla http://www.mozilla.org

Hello my name is ludovic,

I'm a sysadmins at mozilla working remote from europe.  I'm organizing a pgp Key
signing party in the Mozilla san francisco office (https://wiki.mozilla.org/People:MozSpaces_Guidelines:San_Francisco) 
 on October the 3rd 2017 from 6PM to 8PM.

For security and assurances reasons I need to count how many people will attend. I'v 
setup a eventbrite for that at 
(please take one ticket if you think about attending - If you change
 you mind cancel so more people can come). Also it helps for counting pizza as
 I'm trying to get some pizza while we chat and sign keys.

I will use the eventbrite tool to send reminders and I will try to make
a list with keys and fingerprint before the event to make things more
manageable - if you want to be on that list please send me an eamil 
with key IDs so I can build it.

To make the event more visible I've created a lanyrd entry at :
An upcoming event at :

feel free to add yourselves on these, but getting a ticket is mandatory so I can manage
security on siet and insurances etc ....

I will advertise this on twitter and mastodon (I'm @lhirlimann and usul at mamot.fr), retweet
and boost wanted.

ps sending this to a lot of people, to get more visibility. Feel free to pass this along to interested parties
(eg I was unable to find a live BSD group)
 ps2 I will also contact people listed on biglumber to have more gpg related
people show up.

:Usul in #moc on irc.mozilla.org
Mozilla Operation Center

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