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Mihir Sevak mihir.sevak at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 18:26:26 PDT 2017

I think you would not be sorry if you use python. In my experience once
things get at certain level we(creative software engineers) always want to
expand it even if it is not adding any business value. If you write
something in python and if you decide to expand it in future I believe it
would be easier to integrate with any of web framework in python (I am
familiar with django and its easy to integrate things in it to make it
available on internet/intranet).

If you are looking for someone who has done something similar who can share
code with you -- I can't help you because I don't have any such thing
available. May be someone else may have a bug tracking or report generation
system in open source world which can be easily customized to your need.

I hope this helps.

On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 4:36 PM, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo <mail at webthatworks.it
> wrote:

> Using flask may be overkill but it will avoid all the common security
> mistakes you could make building things from scratch  for the 2 or 3
> things you'll anyway need.
> Recently I've been asking if there was any other alternative to consider
> for "scripting language" substitute, especially because I had a vague
> interest in more serious multithread support and people came up with
> rust and go.
> They both seemed reasonable choices, they have good and abundant
> libraries and I had a slight preference for rust.
> Still they were completely new language for me and they didn't pay the
> bill for my modest interest in multithreading.
> I think perl is too ambiguous (someone call it more "expressive") to
> write more than 30 lines of code.
> What I think is left to consider are ruby and python. I'm more fluent in
> python, if I were more fluent in ruby I would chose it without getting
> into a feud.
> I've used flask for small tools. Give a look to bottle if you're looking
> for something really minimal.
> On 07/20/2017 12:27 AM, Robert Freiberger wrote:
> > Hello SVLUG,
> >
> > I've been working on Stack Clash patching and need to run some automated
> > count down reports for my team. We have Google Docs at work but I wanted
> > a simple page to display the current data and maybe a button to refresh
> > the query.
> >
> > Previously (many years ago) I wrote some tools using Perl and the CGI
> > module, I haven't deeply explored Perl5 in years and wonder if there's
> > another solution.
> >
> > Once I have this working I like to add a database and extend the report
> > to include various details but right now the working sketch of the site
> > can be extremely simple.
> >
> > Very welcome to suggestions and ideas. I'm pretty sure I could make
> > something in Python and Flask but since the requirements are so simple,
> > this might be overkill for the task.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Robert
> >
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