[svlug] Building simple web based sysadmin tools

Robert Freiberger rfreiberger at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 15:27:43 PDT 2017

Hello SVLUG,

I've been working on Stack Clash patching and need to run some automated
count down reports for my team. We have Google Docs at work but I wanted a
simple page to display the current data and maybe a button to refresh the

Previously (many years ago) I wrote some tools using Perl and the CGI
module, I haven't deeply explored Perl5 in years and wonder if there's
another solution.

Once I have this working I like to add a database and extend the report to
include various details but right now the working sketch of the site can be
extremely simple.

Very welcome to suggestions and ideas. I'm pretty sure I could make
something in Python and Flask but since the requirements are so simple,
this might be overkill for the task.


Robert Freiberger
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