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> Quoting Ivan Sergio Borgonovo (mail at webthatworks.it):
> > I don't remember why I chose xfce over windowmaker since I really
> > liked window maker. Probably some more standard support.  


> I found that you can actually run the Xfce4
> desktop environment with Window Maker as the window manager.
> http://www.cupoflinux.com/SBB/index.php?topic=2064.0
>   Liquid Lemur Linux is a desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu
> and Linux Mint. It delivers a "hybrid" desktop experience, combining
> the Window Maker window manager with elements of the Xfce desktop
>   environments.
> https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=10714

We all know Windowmaker respects our machines' resources. A lot of
people whose opinions I respect love Windowmaker, so I've tried it
repeatedly, and always failed to make it into something I can use
productively and with speed. I must be missing something, but haven't a
clue what it would be.

For those of you who like Windowmaker, what do you like about it, what
habits must you cultivate to use it productively, and what kind of
priority set should a human adopt in order to have a good time with



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