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Forwarding from separate but related discussion elsewhere.

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Quoting Ivan Sergio Borgonovo (mail at webthatworks.it):

> I don't remember why I chose xfce over windowmaker since I really
> liked window maker. Probably some more standard support.

I wish to politely point out that you just made a small category error.
Those two things aren't mutually exclusive _at all_.  Viz.:

  I thought I would share a recent discovery of mine. Recently I decided
  I needed finer granulated control over my windows, but still love the
  Xfce4 desktop. I found that you can actually run the Xfce4 desktop
  environment with Window Maker as the window manager.


  Liquid Lemur Linux is a desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and
  Linux Mint. It delivers a "hybrid" desktop experience, combining the
  Window Maker window manager with elements of the Xfce desktop


   Q: Every once in a while in random places on the net (not here, that
   I can recall or find) I find mention of using other window managers with
   XFCE.  My understanding is that XFCE is modular enough that XFWM can be
   switched to some other window manager, and back, as desired.  I have
   seen screenshots of the following window managers used with XFCE:
   Fluxbox, Window Maker.  My question is, how is this done?  [...]

   A:  you could replace xfwm4 at startup, e.g.:

   [image of someone entering 'openbox --replace' as a startup task in
   xfce4-session's session and startup tab]

   also some windowmanagers dont have a replace flag so you need to kill
   xfwm4 first eg "killall xfwm4 && windowmaker"
   since you mentioned it fluxbox, dwm, icewm require special configs since
   they will usually launch a panel/dock

(That is one way.  A more direct way is described on Arch Linux's
illustrious wiki.
https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xfce#Default_window_manager )

What you are calling 'xfce' is the XFCE4 DE configured to use the xfwm4 
window manager.  That is indeed an example of the XFCE4 DE, but 
XFCE4 DE configured to use the wmaker window manager, or the Compiz
window manager (http://www.ghacks.net/2010/07/11/run-compiz-with-xfce4/), 
or the openbox window manager, or the awesome window manager, or the KWin 
window manager
[heh, heh], 
or... or... or... -- is also XFCE4.

particular recommends a number of specific WMs for use inside the XFCE4
DE framework, so I refer you to that subreddit for details.  There are
tips there for users of tiling window managers, that may be of interest
if you lean that way.

> It would be nice to know which of these lightweight WM is going to
> support wayland.

At your service!  (Web-searching while U wait.)

  One of the criticisms towards Wayland is the lack of a Window Manager
  concept. This to have an option of a different window manager
  behaviour/experience without needing to write a whole compositor as
  well. On LWN, daniels confirmed that it’ll become easier with time
  thanks to libweston.

  [RM: libweston will do most compositor logic, making it much easier
  for WMs to function in a Wayland compositor env.]


  Way Cooler is another project to add to the list of interesting
  Wayland compositors / window managers from the futuristic NEMO-UX to
  Swap to many others. 


  A library for making a simple Wayland compositor.  It has been
  designed primary [sic] with tiling window managers in mind.


  velox is a simple window manager based on swc. It is inspired by dwm
  and xmonad.

TBH, above link salad is actually cheerfully and annoyingly airheaded, 
my having done approximately nothing _but_ the obvious Web search and
copy/paste.  The real answer is probably 'Future hazy.  Keep checking

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