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Correcting URL, in case it wasn't obvious:

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Quoting thomas moore (thomasmoore17 at gmail.com):

> Hi all,
> Suppose I have a data file or some such. If you try to less this file you
> get a bunch of garbage. However sometimes contained in the file are
> short sequences of text. If you want to read these little scraps all
> you have to do is scroll down through the file - - - provided the file
> is short, say a few kBs.

Unless you are sure where the binary file came from (and can rule out it
being crafted to attack unwary Linux admins), you should take care to
include the '-a' switch when you use GNU strings(1) for this purpose,
because of this surprising security pitfall, the libbfd library::

In fact, an argument can be made for

1. aliasing 'strings' to 'strings -a' in your login's ~/.bashrc, and
2. trying to avoid running strings(1) with root privilege.

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