[svlug] [conspire] (forw) Re: [OCLUG] Pulling text out of a data file

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Jan 22 12:28:37 PST 2017

Quoting Ivan Sergio Borgonovo (mail at webthatworks.it):

>  > 2. trying to avoid running strings(1) with root privilege.
> s/strings(1)/stuff/

Why, of course, I did mean 'strings among other things'.

Speaking of which, the Linux kernel's capabilities features is IMO one
of the most important ways of improving control of root privilege.

It is wise to get to know that kernel feature and capset(2),
capget(2), setcap(8), and getcap(8).  No need for init systems with
delusions of grandeur and sad hypertrophic problems.

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