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FYI: in case someone is interested. The PCENGINES order just processed.


Description Price Ext HTS code Origin Weight
1 apu2c4 APU.2C4 system board 4GB 114.00 114.00 8471.5000 TW 237g
1 case1d2u Enclosure 3 LAN, alu, USB 9.60 9.60 8473.3000 CN 241g
1 ac12vus2 AC adapter 12V US plug for IT equipment 4.40 4.40 8504.4040 CN
1 msata16e SSD M-Sata 16GB MLC Phison 15.50 15.50 8523.5100 TW 10g
4 Shipping + Handling 15.10 627g
Subtotal USD 158.60
0% VAT USD 0.00
Total USD 158.60

On Sun, Jan 15, 2017, 8:07 AM Ivan Sergio Borgonovo <mail at webthatworks.it>

> On 01/14/2017 05:10 PM, Dan Ritter wrote:
> > Ubiquiti is still violating the GPL, too.
> > Or, as a practical concern: they don't ship you enough to
> > rebuild the OS yourself.
> I think I've heard it and thought that someone already took them to a
> court. But yeah still not nice to give money to people that had to be
> taken to a court. Actual situation seems to be worse. Thanks for the
> reminder.
> Mikrotik could be in a similar product space.
> Anyway the person that suggested Ubiquiti warned me I was not going to
> use a real open product... in the sense I wouldn't be able to hack it
> easily.
> So yeah avoiding companies that don't play nice with the GPL is not just
> a matter of principles but it is a practical concern and it doen't take
> much to understand it is generally not a good compromise even when
> you're tempted by the price tag.
> >> I could keep a poor man OpenWRT router around and build up a 1Gbit
> >> capable home made router, but right now it looks it's going to cost way
> >> more than $250.
> >
> > Coincidentally I revisited this yesterday:
> > https://randomstring.org/blog/blog/2017/01/13/revisiting-a-new-firewall/
> >
> > TL;DR: It's still happy three years later; you can probably
> > build a similar one on new components for $250.
> >
> > Can you get a gigabit/second of NAT? Very likely, but I haven't
> > tested it.
> People wrote on OpenWRT forum they were unable to obtain Gbps on Netgear
> R6250 (BCM4708A0 dual core A9 at 800MHz) and a TP-Link Archer C7
> (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558 MIPS single core?).
> Of course a quad core 1.6GHz CPU is another kind of beast but if eg
> transferring one file from one side to the other of the NAT can keep
> fully busy a 2 core ARM running at 800MHz and still not saturate the
> Gbit port, I would tend to be a bit cautious.
> Furthermore, while such kind of solution just will let me install debian
> and probably will be able to run plenty of useful software it is too
> expensive to consider having spare parts around.
> I've an HP microserver that run samba, horde,
> postfix/spamassassin/dovecot and including storage it costed about $500.
> Horde runs slower than I would like. It is reasonably old (AMD
> Turion(tm) II Neo N54L Dual-Core Processor) and it has few ram (2Gb).
> But it already does so few things that I can't see any space to delegate
> something to a more capable router to lower the cost of replacing the
> server.
> And there is no cheap solution where to just plug HD.
> eSATA enclosures + board or barebone PC is going to cost as a microserver.
> I can uncomfortably survive without my file server and a local email
> server for a while. I can't survive without internet connected lan.
> Yudhvir already made an estimate of the cost of building a cheap router
> without wifi. $143 are nearly reasonable since I could use old OpenWRT
> routers as AP... but they miss 802.11ac and some android phones here get
> really bad connections with my TP-Link TL-WDR4300.
> I hope to find something cheaper by April.
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