[svlug] Highly Effective Gmail Phishing

Dan Ritter dsr at randomstring.org
Fri Jan 13 07:22:50 PST 2017

On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 12:35:59PM +0100, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
> It is something I'm planning to implement as soon as I'll have a router 
> with enough memory to run a full fledged DNS.
> In april I may switch to a 1Gbit connection... and well... SOHO router 
> won't be able to handle it. So I was thinking to set up something on this:
> http://www.wispmax.com/pc-engines-apu2b4-system-board.html
> or something by Ubiquiti (but I don't like to relay on one company for 
> firmware and I don't have perfectly clear what's running inside).

That's why I built my own router, running x86_64 Debian.

describes the hardware. It happily runs DNS, DHCP, a VPN
service, and of course firewalling and routing. Best of all, it
gets upgrades just as regularly as any other Debian box.


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