[svlug] Post-meeting places to eat and talk

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jan 3 14:21:10 PST 2017

Quoting Josef Grosch (jgrosch at gmail.com):

> I am very familiar with this Denny's, it's around the corner from Ebay /
> PayPal where I used to work. The parking situation is really weird.
> There are 3 or 4 handicap spots in the front but at a weird angle. Most
> of the parking is in a rear parking lot they share with a motel. There
> is 3 "rooms" in the place. There is one to the right as you enter and
> then two to the left. The place is pretty much empty at 9pm. The food
> and service are typical Denny's, reliably mediocre.

And many an attendee of conventions or meetings at the nearby San Jose
Doubletree Hotel has marched determinedly across the hotel parking lot
and then under the Brokaw Road freeway underpass to enjoy(?) said Dennys
reliably mediocre food, rather than buy outrageously overpriced,
slow-served semi-OK food at Sprigs Restaurant, etc. inside the hotel.

There's also a McDonald's more-or-less across N. 1st Street from the
Denny's if you want decent coffee.

I didn't bother to mention Sprigs, or (blowout-priced) Spencer's
Steakhouse, or anything else at the Doubletree, even though it's right
there.  But I considered including a very oddball option:  Casino
M8trix, the garishly illuminated eight-story tower (that I've never
visited) just across Airport Parkway from the Doubletree Hotel (that I
_have_ visited many times).

Casino M8trix, because it's not just a little jarringly out-of-context
bit of Las Vegas, you can also eat there:

In particular, its Lotus Café's offerings include Vietnamese Banh Mi
sandwiches, which personally I love.  Suspect they're overpriced at
Casino M8trix, because gamblers (but that's just a guess).

For those who're curious, Casino M8trix and the nearby (grubbier) Bay
101 Casino are not _technically_ casinos, which is how they can exist in
California despite not being on reservation land:  They squeeze into a
niche in state law that permits 'card rooms', basically card games only,
AFAIK (https://oag.ca.gov/gambling/game), 

Bay 101 Casino (likewise never visited) also has an eatery called
Sutter's Broiler.

Even though both parent establishments have 'casino' in their names,
they're permitted to operate because they are _not_ casinos but rather
card rooms, which I find amusing.

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