[svlug] Potential speaker

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Sep 19 17:33:48 PDT 2016

Quoting Kevin Dankwardt (kevin.dankwardt at gmail.com):

> I got this inquiry about giving a Linux related talk. I thought it may be
> better for SVLUG than the SV Linux Technology meetup.
> Thoughts?

First, to clarify the overall situation, SVLUG presently has no
talks/speakers lined up for any upcoming meeting date.  Those are:

Oct. 5
Nov. 2
Dec. 7

Those are all open to be filled by the first willing speaker.  If Mike
Cooper is interested, SVLUG would be glad to hear his presentation.

Second, as to appropriateness:  SVLUG is a mixed audience of developers,
Operations people, other IT people, and general computerists with a
Linux interest.  (This is my informal impression.  We've not done any
meaningful amount of polling.)  In my experience, the management of
X.509 certificates for large enterprises and large government /
non-profit entities is for enterprise computing and SSO is a very
specialised topic.  I think the talk has pretty narrow appeal.

Mr. Cooper would reduce that problem a little bit by sticking as much as
possible to the general topic and steering away from doing a sales
presentation, but my concerns would still otherwise remain.

That having been said, we'd be glad to hear from him!

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