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kevin dankwardt kevin.dankwardt at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 16:52:36 PDT 2016

I got this inquiry about giving a Linux related talk. I thought it may be
better for SVLUG than the SV Linux Technology meetup.


Mike Cooper 4:28 PM
Sent from Silicon Valley Linux Technology
I just joined SVLT but I've been coding on Linux and UNIX now for more than
30 years. I've recently started a new company (revocent.com) and we just
launched a new product for Linux called CertAccord Enterprise. The product
integrates Linux with Microsoft PKI for X509 certificate management. So...
I'm looking for speaking opportunities. I was wondering what the interest
would be in me speaking at a future SVLT on the topic of Linux PKI. I can
tune the talk appropriate to SVLT standards if I can get a better idea what
that is. Would appreciate some feedback mike at revocent.com
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