[svlug] Samba4 and Windows 9x...

Michael C. Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Sat Mar 12 14:14:39 PST 2016

I've upgraded to Slackware 14.1 running xfce on my dad's old K2-6 500
with 768 megs of ram.  Found out how to get Samba 4 to Speak lanman 
and have successfully created one network file share that is Windows 
98SE compatible.

I have yet to set up automount for the 3 optical drives, zip drive, 
and bernoulli drive on the Linux box, I don't remember how to do that.
The benoulli multidisk 150 doesn't work on Windows 98SE.  I can use
Samba to get around that issue and have in the past.  

Speaking of compatability issues, the old HP Deskjet 9800 doesn't work
on Windows 9x either.  Can I export via Samba to get around that or am
I hosed without a Windows 9x driver for it?  I have the printer, a usb
printer, working via CUPS.  Not sure what smb.conf is supposed to look
like when cups is in use.  Swat was done away with and it is much
harder in my opinion to set Samba up.

If the printer will never even with Samba work with Windows 9x, I need
to install Libreoffice on the Slackware based server or do a dual boot
on my Dad's coppermine PIII with Windows 98se and install Void Linux

I'm using a 120 gig SSD with two 20 gig partitions on it so far on a
coppermine PIII system. Having some problems with write errors in
Windows 98se any time I try to create a new profile(user).  The card
I'm plugging into is a Fast TX2000 PCI PATA raid card.  Seems to be
more trouble than it's worth.  Maybe I should use a SATA I PCI card
instead instead of a SATA to PATA adapter and a PATA raid card.  I 
am not certain if a SATA I card will work with Windows 98SE.

In summary, I'm having SSD reliability issues on a PIII running 
Windows 98SE.  I'm using a SATA to PATA adapter and a FAST TX2000 
PCI PATA raid adapter.  Thinking I should eliminate the raid card
and try a PCI to SATA I card instead, if Windows 98SE can handle 
that.  I have an HP 9800 usb printer that is NOT Windows 98SE
compatible, no driver.  Thinking I can use Samba on Slackware to 
get around that issue, but I could be wrong.  I have the printer
printing test pages now via CUPS on the Slackware box.  I have
successfully in the past used Samba to make a bernoulli multidisk 
150 work with Windows 98SE over an isolated network.  I have 
forgotten how to do automounting of optical drives and a zip 
atapi drive in Linux and export these drives via Samba.  Finally, 
I need to decide whether to install Libreoffice to Void Linux on 
the PIII or make Libreoffice available on the server.  This assumes
that Windows 98SE cannot print to the printer even with Samba tricks.

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