[svlug] [svlug-announce] Calling all Symantec people; SVLUG needs you

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Mar 11 15:06:03 PST 2016

Some folks reading this are employees of Symantec Corporation.  Others
reading this _know_ employees of Symantec Corporation.  In either case, 
please help us.  SVLUG really needs your assistance.

A guy who's latest in a series of Symantec employees for several years
has 'sponsored' SVLUG's monthly meetings at Symantec vCafe in Mountain
View.  I'd love to thank him here by name, except we carefully protect
the privacy of our Symantec sponsors so nobody can hassle them.

Anyway, our sponsor is leaving Symantec.  

He found us a temporary substitute, _but_ we need to find a long-term
person willing to take his place.

What does a sponsor do?  Mostly, that person is our point of contact
with Symantec management.  There are some more details; I can discuss
that with any Symantec folk off-list (private mail).  SVLUG has
experience ensuring sponsorship remains zero-hassle, and our outbound
sponsor will be able to vouch for that.

SVLUG people:  Please note that if we lose vCafe, we will _not_ be
getting it back.  For some years, Symantec Corporation has been phasing
out access to vCafe by outside groups.  Several such outside groups were
kicked out.  We're there, grandfathered in, only because we carefully
documented our always having a valid site sponsor.  At one point,
Symantec's outsourced property management firm _cancelled_ our
reservation because they merely assumed we lacked a current sponsor,
and then with ill grace un-cancelled that reservation after I proved
we'd carefully met requirements.

Accordingly, SVLUG needs to find a new Symantec sponsor within, say, a
month, or we're going to lose the venue permanently.

SVLUG people:  If you know _anyone_ at Symantec, please forward this
appeal to that person.  Thank you.

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