[svlug] Guess who has a Linux port of its SQL database?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Mar 10 09:32:45 PST 2016

Quoting Alan Denney (yosemite at programmer.net):

> In the case of Informix, that's not true.  Although some of us had lobbied
> for (and dabbled with) a Linux port on our own, by the mid-1990s, ports for
> x86 platforms (SCO, AT&T System V/386, Unixware, Solaris on Intel) had been
> offshored, so recent platform-specific expertise was not in house (on this
> side of the planet, anyway).
> I tried to get them to have a presence at obvious events like the PC UNIX
> SIG, but all resources were marketing-controlled.

[Reminder for all but the oldest SVLUG members:  From March 1988 to
1995, the name of what's now SVLUG was 'PC UNIX SIG of Silicon Valley
Computer Society'.  From 1995 to fall 1997, we were 'Linux SIG of SVCS'.  
'Only' from fall 1997 onwards have we been SVLUG -- renamed to match the
name of our first mailing list, run by Rob Walker (IIRC) on majordomo.
We have a non-trivial amount of history, good people.  Read the early
archives:  They're colourful.  And this is one of the reasons I
stubbornly try to keep this group from dying.  We've Mattered.[tm]]

Forgot to say, first and foremost, Alan, that I completely believe you,
and appreciate the correction on Informix's individual case.  Also, my
apologies for the slur of including (by implication) _you_ guys,
Informix Corporation engineers, when saying every single SQL database
company turned out to have been maintaining an active Linux port for
years, and been lying through their teeth.  Glad to hear that a
different story explained Informix's prior non-release.  Sorry about the
conspiratorial broad-brush thing.

There was _some_ then-famous mailing list post after the logjam broke,
though, around late 1998 / early 1999, where a member of the Linux
community claimed to have finally got the inside scoop from a Software
Engineering staffer at _some_ SQL database firm -- obviously not
Informix, and quoted a release engineer or someone like that, said to be
newly free from corporate orders to say nothing about Linux.

The quotation went something like:

'Oh, sure, our dev team had been working with a fully functional Linux
version for years.  It was merely internal-only.  And the great thing
was that the port was dead-simple.  We just untarred source on a Red Hat
Linux box, typed "./configure && make && make install", and it Just
Worked.  That _was_ the porting process.'

I remember that left an impression on people.  Could have been a tall
tale, and can't remember which firm it was supposed to have been, but it
made the rounds.

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