[svlug] Devuan

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jul 13 17:06:40 PDT 2016

Quoting Steve Litt (slitt at troubleshooters.com):

> You know what I've never understood.

> If a person forks Debian, people say "Nor did it merit a fork, it seemed
> like gratuitous drama, Debian has been around for 23 years and it has
> been one of the founding pillars of open source, you're detached from 
> reality."

Actually, what some person says is 'This is important work, and worthy of
note, but FWIW as far as I can tell its objectives could have been
accomplished through lesser means without forking.'

That's an opinion.  Whether that would work out or not is unexplored,
and could work out, or not. 

For some reason, you seem extremely worked up over that.  Have you
considered trying to figure out why, and doing something about what is
evidently problem of temperament and perspective?

> It's clear that both Devuan and the desire to keep systemd off one's
> computer are special cases.

I do not know what 'special' means in this context.  

I do know that I like to run my systems my way.  You presumably like to
run yours your way.  In this fashion, everyone gets to be happy (or
unhappy in each separate person's chosen fashion).

> If you stay in the Debian community and bitch about systemd, you're a
> bad guy.

I don't know what 'in the Debian community' means when _you_ use it, here
-- but have a feeling it has something to do with posting long series of
anti-systemd tirades to the debian-user mailing list and gettihg thrown off.  ;->

> If you leave Debian and join the Devuan fork, you're all sorts of bad.

Who specifically said that?  I certainly didn't.

In my own case, in all likelihood, I'll end up using at least some of
their work (from their repos), as I suggested on my OpenRC Web page.

> First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you,
> then you win.

You forgot the part where you get handed your ass in a sling on the
SVLUG list by a longtime Debian-using sysadmin (over claims about Debian
that you cannot support), and then attempt to summon the Devuan 'Dng"
mailing list on a 'Let's you and him fight' theory, only to get foiled
when it turns out that said longtime Debian-using sysadmin and the
founder of Devuan are old friends, and the sysadmin has an established
history as a Devuan supporter.

Also, son, I was using that slogan you quote in .signature blocks twenty
years ago, before it was trite, worn-out polemics.

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