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Ivan Sergio Borgonovo mail at webthatworks.it
Fri Jul 8 07:33:21 PDT 2016

On 07/02/2016 01:08 AM, Josef Grosch wrote:

> I've recently been playing around with Devuan. Does anyone have any
> experience with Devuan ? Good or bad. At work I've spent the last week
> dealing with systemd insistence on not playing well with other, that and
> the fact that LinuxMint 18 has been released with systemd as the default
> is causing me to look around for a Debian based Linux that hase not been
> infected with systemd.

We've been taking jokes on nextime (Franco Lanza) for years now on 
#linux-it where BTW you can find Md (Marco d'Itri, one of the Debian 
maintainer for systemd).

One of the activities required for a successful mocking was to 
periodically check their git repository.

I've tried to measure their pulse but their infrastructure changed and I 
wasn't able to find anything that could give a rough idea about the 
health of their project. And I'd consider this problematic.

While I do really appreciate the effort to disentangle software, I think 
their approach has very few chances to be relevant, and I doubt any of 
their efforts reached upstream.

systemd is here and it is going to stay and while it is not perfect it 
is better than most of the alternatives in a much wider application 
space (and yeah worse is better etc...).

systemd has been very successful and while many software don't have very 
good reasons to depend on it, software developers may not find enough 
good reasons not to depend on it, and the list is going to grow rather 
than shrink.

Niche distributions are hard to manage unless they really have something 
very special that solve some of your very special problems.

Considering the fuss around systemd I would have expected more people 
putting work in sundering it and most of the work is not getting upstream.

Judging from




it really doesn't look you needed to fork a whole distribution.

Probably and unfortunately if the "debate" hadn't been so hot, 
contributing to debian packages to make them more friendly to systemd 
alternatives wouldn't have been so hard.

Fortunately I'm not one of the people that is going to miss gnome, I'm 
not missing kde (even if I suspect kde dependencies on systemd aren't as 
interwinded) and it seems that all the other packages could actually be 
packaged without a second civil war.
I'm happy with Debian and systemd.
But if I really had to look around for a systemd agnostic distro I'd be 
embarassed but I think I'd pick up gentoo for the second time in my life.

I'm not aware of any vital (debian based) distribution that does offer a 
clean alternative to systemd. And while it is a pity that should say 

Ivan Sergio Borgonovo

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