[svlug] Hard drive destruction

Sarah Newman newmans at sonic.net
Fri Sep 11 08:31:37 PDT 2015

On 09/10/2015 11:00 PM, Michael Robinson wrote:
> The heat the drive up method is interesting, though I am curious to
> know what vapors get released in the process.

I smashed old development boards before getting rid of them because the software was export controlled. It was not kind to my lungs and I'd rather not
do the same thing again, hence asking about services for destroying them.

> As far as the concept that sysadmins have to protect privacy at all
> costs or else they aren't good sysadmins, that should be weighed
> against the needs of the company and the needs of the larger society.
> Internet addictions can hurt society at large and shouldn't be taken
> lightly. With the Internet, there is a high likelihood of multiple
> players being involved in any activity whether it be good for society
> or harmful to it.  Privacy is not an absolute right insofar as it can 
> be a means to cover up illegal or otherwise inappropriate activities. 

I hope you're thinking of corporate IT where the equipment is specifically designated for business use and so any personal use is disallowed.

It is unethical for us to judge what is or is not an appropriate activity. As for illegal, as Luke said it's not allowed for a landlord to go into
their tenants apartment to check for illegal activity and I don't see why there should be a difference between an offline and online tenancy.

The only time I think we would disclose anything that wasn't against our abuse policy is if we would be legally liable if we didn't, and unless it was
an absolute no brainer we would seek legal council first.


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