[svlug] Linux preinstalled laptops...

Sarah Newman newmans at sonic.net
Tue Sep 8 13:07:27 PDT 2015

On 09/08/2015 11:54 AM, Steve Litt wrote:

> According to that web page, ZaReason has bottom-priced laptops at $749,
> but on any given day you can find similarly specified laptops at Costco
> for $300 less, often $350 less. Right now Costco has a laptop with 12MB
> RAM for $599.

He specifically asked for fedora 22 preinstalled, not for a cheap laptop or even a known linux compatible laptop.

The last dayjob required me to get a laptop with ubuntu preinstalled when I wanted to run ubuntu, even though I was able to install and administer it

>>From what I understand, if you buy a laptop at Costco and can't install
> Linux on it, you can restore it to factory original (via the restore
> partition) and return it within 90 days via Costco's "for any reason"
> policy. Check with your local store to make sure.

Or you can install a new hard drive.

> I used to feel guilty about not buying my computers from ZaReason,
> System76, Penguin Computing and the rest. Then I really thought about
> it. I'm willing to "take one for the team", but at a 50% to 100% price
> premium? And, given their pricing, are they really on my team?

I think if you already know how to research compatibility, install linux, and are willing to do your own technical support, you're not the target market.

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