[svlug] Linux preinstalled laptops...

Kevin Rossi lister90 at bluehatsoft.com
Tue Sep 8 11:44:58 PDT 2015

If you are just looking for laptops on which Linux runs reliably (with
WiFi), I have had exceptionally good experience with Dell laptops
(especially their precision as well as latitude series).

Lubuntu (and Fedora lxde spin) runs great on them. Have used nvidia drivers
(for some, intel for some others). Hibernates (and resumes) well. Never
gave me a problem so far (almost 1.5 years since my first buy)

If you are budget conscious (like I am), I have bought one used (off lease,
A class, i7 quad) from Arrow and Newegg each, both were priced less than
half the market rate. Replaced the HDDs with SSD and voila!, ultra fast
machines :-)

The only complaint I have about them (off-lease ones) are their resolutions
(1366x768 is standard), but with xrandr and --panning, I manage 1920x1080
on the connected monitor as well as the laptop screen. But they perform as
good as my $2600 dell precision for around 1/3rd the price.

But never used xps or the thin ones or ones with touch screens; so can't
comment. Also, never bothered to install gnome 3 or ubuntu unity as well.


On Tue, Sep 8, 2015 at 11:06 AM, Sarah Newman <newmans at sonic.net> wrote:

> On 09/07/2015 02:41 PM, Michael Robinson wrote:
> > I'm looking beyond system76 at hopefully vendors that offer Fedora 22
> > pre installed.  Haven't found one yet and so far the price appears to
> > be well north of $1k even for an ultrabook.
> http://zareason.com/shop/Laptops/
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