[svlug] Meeting this Wednesday: Speaker? Open discussion?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Sep 3 23:49:35 PDT 2015

Quoting an offlist comment:

> I understand what you are saying and would like to help. 
> Unfortunately, I know little that I can speak on.  However, I do have
> a suggestion for something I would like to know more about.

Well, sending this idea to me is appreciated in a nice-to-hear-from-you
sense, but doesn't actually do much.  The only people who could really
help you are those who -- hypothetically -- either already know a lot
about the subject or share with you a keen interest in the subject to
the point of being inclined to speak about it.

However, frankly, the real way SVLUG talks come about is that someone
with interest in a topic, such as you, decides to learn a lot about that
topic, takes notes, and then volunteers to speak about it.

I've spoken at LUGs maybe 6-7, and I've not been an expert on any of the
topics I spoke on.  They were all things I sat down and learned and then
decided I knew just enough to talk about them.

> I would like to know more about this new social network called
> "Diaspora Social Network".

It's not very new.

The Diaspora Project has been around since 2010, when it announced big
plans to develop a distributed-node, 100% open source alternative to
Facebook.  About three months later, it released an extremely insecure
developer release (an alpha).  Five years further on, it's still 
alpha, though they no longer use that term.


> Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone who can speak on it.  How would
> you suggest I find out?

The best way is by setting a Diaspora 'pod' (a specialised Web server)
up on a static IP, running it, and taking notes.

I am completely, utterly serious.  However, if you merely wish to do
trial participation in the Diaspora social network (connecting to one 
of the many existing 'pods'), all you need is your existing Web browser. 

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