[svlug] Meeting this Wednesday: Speaker? Open discussion? PLUS plug for SCALE

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Sep 1 13:48:52 PDT 2015

Quoting Chaiken, Alison (alison at she-devel.com):

> I picked up the Gregg book at Southern California Linux Expo, which I
> recommend everyone to attend. This year's instantiation will take place
> January 21-24 in a new location in Pasadena. 

I love SCALE.  This is going to be interesting logistics, because I
leave the Port of San Francisco at 4pm on January 25th -- the next day
-- on Crystal Serenity bound for Sydney.  Wouldn't want to have to
helicopter out to a cruise ship at sea -- though that would be kind of
awesome (and I'd need a Nehru jacket and Persian cat for the full

> I'd love to hear a talk about ZFS myself, as I'm about to setup a
> FreeNAS. 

Considered using Dyson or DilOS?

I was going to say 'considered using Nexenta?' -- a full-blown GNU
userspace with Debian toolset atop the IllumOS nee OpenSolaris kernel
(thus, the other form of truly native ZFS), but there has been a lot of
reshuffling and renaming and abandoning of one open source project and
creation of a replacement going on since I last looked, a few years ago.

Let me see if I can recap this -- and I make no apologies if some
details are a little garbled:  Sun's OpenIndiana project was pretty
nearly complete when Oracle bought Sun.  A lot of angst and futile
rhetoric followed from independent Solaris community people, as I kept
telling them 'Dudes, fork it.  Stop waiting.'  Finally after a year or
so of sodding around, one of them did fork it, finished the last bits of
OpenIndiana, and that became OpenSolaris and then IllumOS.  (Paranoia
about trademark lawsuits is not a bad thing.)

Full distros based on IllumOS emerged some years ago.  The one that
interested me most was Nexenta, on account of Debian-ness.  It like most
IllumOS distros existed primarily to serve a hardware-appliance business
model of the sponsoring company -- not that there's anything wrong with
that, except they kept neurotically changing the name of their open
source base.  First, it was Nexenta, then Nexenta OS, next it was
Illumian.  https://www.illumos.org/projects/illumian

Then, suddenly, Illumian was declared dead for reasons that passeth
understanding, and Dyson and DilOS sprang forth like mushrooms after a
spring rain, as successors.

This naming whack-a-mole makes the ex-Solaris world outside of the 
various appliance walled gardens _look_ flaky, but I nonetheless suspect
there's solid, well-maintained stuff there, just frequent branding
changes on account of some politics or other.  Not tested by this
armchair-commenting observer, however.

(It should be noted that, with the GNU userspace, you will pretty much
inevitably get Solaris's SMF = System Management Facility init, an
overengineered and bureaucratic yet serviceable event-loop-based init,
that I've always found not difficult to get used to, just not elegant or

2013 comparison article that may be of interest:

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