[svlug] Meeting this Wednesday: Speaker? Open discussion? PLUS plug for SCALE

Luke S. Crawford lsc at prgmr.com
Tue Sep 1 09:30:17 PDT 2015

Ok. I really am a lot more enthused about the OpenLDAP talk than about 
the ZFS on Linux talk, just 'cause I think I can do a better job on the 
OpenLDAP talk given a day prep.    The ZFS will be another day -  I'm 
setting up my zfs stuff now, but I'm still making all the newb mistakes 
on that, whereas I feel like I made most of the newb openldap mistakes 
some time ago on someone else's dime.

Yesterday I was setting up my home workstation with a 5x1.5tb array for, 
you know, personal stuff.  I got a little ahead of myself replacing a 
drive (this is all stuff that was in servers for many years)  and I 
added a drive too the pool *but not the raidz*

(so yeah, as far as I can tell, you  always do 'replace' not 'add' when 
you are replacing drives in zfs.  'add' is for creating new arrays 
only.   I should submit a patch that adds an 'are you sure?' when you 
add a disk to a pool with a zraid)

this is a mistake, you see, because now I have a non-redundant thing in 
my zpool, and, as far as I can tell, no way to remove it from the 
zpool.   I ended up scratching the raid and starting over.

On 09/01/2015 07:44 AM, Chaiken, Alison wrote:
> I'd love to hear a talk about ZFS myself, as I'm about to setup a 
> FreeNAS.   I've been reading Brendan Gregg's excellent book _Systems 
> Performance_, which features lots of fascinating comparisons of 
> Solaris versus Linux internals.
> I picked up the Gregg book at Southern California Linux Expo, which I 
> recommend everyone to attend.   This year's instantiation will take 
> place January 21-24 in a new location in Pasadena.   The CFP is open 
> until October 30:
> http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/14x
> I attend a lot of Linux meetings, but SCALE is my favorite. The scope 
> of talks, from embedded to BSD to software-defined radio to pen 
> testing, is remarkable, and the giant exhibit draws wider 
> participation even than OSCON.
> -- Alison
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