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Aaron Borden <adborden at live.com> wrote

This Wednesday night, the SF Elections Commission will be discussing
open source voting systems, potentially for deployment in San Francisco.
Vendors have submitted proposals and will be answering questions from
the commission.

Meeting is Wed Oct 21st, 6:00 PM City Hall, Room 408. Below are some
links with background information and past meetings.

Forwarded message from Chris Jerdonek (2015-08-25 23:15:31):

> Hello SF elections & civic tech advocates,
> I wanted to update you on some great things that have been happening
> at the SF Department of Elections around open data and open source.
> 1) For starters, the Department of Elections has for the first time
> created a special "Developer / Open Data" section on their web site,
> with links to various election data in open data formats (currently
> CSV and TXT).  This is great news!
> You can see the section for yourself at the bottom of this page:
> http://www.sfgov2.org/index.aspx?page=4767
> Thanks to everyone who showed up at the May 20 SF Elections Commission
> meeting to speak in support of open data.
> The Department is just getting started with this, so don't fret if the
> data you want isn't there yet.  They are planning to expand it, in
> addition to posting more on SF's Open Data Portal:
> https://data.sfgov.org/
> What's really good is that this now provides a central place for them
> to grow and improve upon.  Please let the Department know if you have
> any suggestions for improvements, or just tell them "thank you."
> You can also follow the Department of Elections and "star" or retweet
> anytime they tweet something good about open data:
> https://twitter.com/sfelections
> 2) A few weeks ago, the Department issued an RFI (or "Request for
> Information") for a new voting system (i.e. the equipment that voters
> use to vote and that the Department uses to tally votes):
> http://sfelections.org/rfi/votingsystem
> This is a big deal and doesn't happen very often.  The last voting
> system that San Francisco purchased was back in 2007 and cost around
> $10 million up front (in addition to significant recurring, annual
> costs).  What's great about this RFI is that it has very strong
> language and a clear preference for open data and open source.  I
> encourage you to take a look at the PDF.
> Or for the 140-character version, check out this tweet from San
> Francisco's Chief Innovation Officer Jay Nath on the RFI:
> https://twitter.com/Jay_Nath/status/629405743721021440
> Responses are due this Friday.  Thanks to everyone who showed up at
> the June 17 Elections Commission meeting to speak in support of open
> source.
> 3) The Elections Commission also discussed San Francisco's next voting
> system (and the topic of open source) at its regular August meeting
> last week on Wed, August 19.  Many members of the public spoke in
> favor of open source.  For the audio of the agenda item, you can
> listen on YouTube here:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOOoXSOtR-s&t=31m14s
> And for an overview of my own perspective on the RFI (especially as it
> relates to open source), you can hear my comments at the conclusion of
> the agenda item here (just 90 seconds or so):
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SOOoXSOtR-s&t=1h04m55s
> Thanks, everyone, and stay tuned for more!
> Best,
> --Chris
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Aaron Borden
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