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> Subject: KVM vs Xen
> Xen has been widely regarded as the best performance VM for Linux for a long
> time.  Oracle has been one of the advocates of Xen claiming very close to
> native hardware performance.
> # 300% improvement in UnixBench score, with a KVM Linode vs a Xen Linode
> # 28% faster at compiling a Linux kernel with a KVM Linode vs a Xen Linode
> # Boot and shutdown times are greatly improved

It's difficult to believe that a full virtualization environment would have
better performance than a paravirtualization environment, especially three-
fold difference.  There has to be some reason, other than the virtualization
model, which is the bottleneck.  IMO, anything which can be done in a virtualized
environment to improve performance can also be done in a paravirtualization
environment.  The converse is not true.

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