[svlug] BLU ray reader not working.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Oct 7 14:39:16 PDT 2015

Just an afterthought that might be of useful to many people:

Quoting Michael C. Robinson (plug_1 at robinson-west.com):

> Turns out it wasn't plugged in to SATA and power.  Not sure if Blu-Rays
> will play now, haven't tried one yet.

When doing diagnosis, it's important to remember clues from various of
your senses.  In this case, I'm thinking of sound:  Any optical drive
(or hard drive) will have characteristic startup sounds it makes while
spinning up a disc and then seeking.  Get to know these sounds, so you 
can notice when they are suddenly absent.

I've had the experience of noticing that a CD / DVD drive was either
dead or disconnected by suddenly realising (by listening) that it wasn't
even spinning up at all, let alone seeking.  But it took me a while to
remember to listen for that.  ;->

In other circumstances, something being warm vs. not could be the
critical clue.  (The sense of smell is usually useful only to tell you
that some critical piece of electronics just bought the farm:  _That_ 
particular acrid smell -- the 'letting the magic smoke out' smell -- is
unforgettable, once you've smelled it once.)

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