[svlug] Asking meaningful questions...

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Mon Nov 30 11:19:50 PST 2015

Which of these several open-ended and vague questions were you
interested in?

As for the first question, that has been asked and answered.
Removing qt5 seems like an unlikely solution to the problem
which was identified.

You have previously received suggestions for alternates to
qtparted.  Why haven't you investigated these?

Your theoretical understanding that a CD-based distro should
be able to run on NFS root seems to be based on nothing at all.

What does stunnel have to do with encrypted NFS root file systems?
Stunnel will not run in initrd, which is required to mount the
root file system.  What on earth does this have to do with IPSec?

On 11/27/2015 07:27 PM, Michael C. Robinson wrote:
> How can I get meaningful information about why qtparted-0.5.0 is still
> not building on my LFS system?  I've removed Qt5 and hopefully only
> Qt5.  I still think something is missing.  Whether that is an older
> version of Qt like Qt3 or a Qt4 related package, I'm not certain.
> Since I'm very close to having everything useful built and installed,
> it would be nice to add just a few more things.  I want qtparted or
> an equivalent package that is easier to build, samba maybe, and the
> man pages for nfs-utils 1.2.3 installed.  Not sure why those man pages
> aren't installed already...  though mistakes do happen when hundreds
> of program files and libraries are installed.
> As I recall, there is a slackware based system called RIP Linux that
> may be appropriate for bare metal backup/restoration work.  Anything
> that is CD based should be NFS rootable in theory.  Has anyone thought
> about using stunnel to do encrypted NFS root systems?  Maybe that's
> the wrong approach when IPSec is available.
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