[svlug] Problem compiling qtparted-0.5.0

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Thu Nov 26 14:38:10 PST 2015

On 11/25/2015 03:53 PM, Michael C. Robinson wrote:
> Is this a Linux list or a get off my back and go elsewhere list?
> I'm building Linux from scratch hoping I will learn more about Linux.
> As far as the claim that the presence of Qt5 won't cause qtparted-0.5.0
> to not compile, that is simply false.  The package stops in the
> configure stage with the explicit error that Qt5 is present.  I have
> most of the packages I asked about such as nautilus and a few others
> compiled, installed, and working.  The book was wrong about the
> dependencies, said nothing about a crucial mime database update
> program.  What the book says about package management is completely
> inadequate.  There is simply far too much to be working with all of it
> without a package manager and yet the BLFS book has no reasonable
> suggestions about where to go concerning package management.

Books do not come with guarantees.  Sorry.  Especially in Linux
where things change rapidly.  You might have to do some investigation
on your own, especially in areas remote from the subject of the book.

> I don't appreciate being told that I need to learn about dependencies
> and the build process.  I am a computer scientist with 10+ years of
> Linux experience.

We're all impressed with your credentials.  Unfortunately, you seem
to be short on practical experience, especially in the area of solving
problems with common Linux tools, like compilers and make.

> Is this a Linux list or a gripe about someone posting a vague and
> challenging problem list?

You seem to have trouble distinguishing between challenging and unclear.

Your problems are not vague, usually they are over-specific, giving
only the barest of details and lacking in context and clarity.  When
asked for some explanation and context, rather than following the advice
given and responding with the requested information, you complain
that everyone and everything is wrong.

>  I've had enough of Mr Moen and Mr. Borgonovo.

What am I?  Chopped liver?

> I don't
> know what your real problems are gentlemen and I really don't care.  I
> highly doubt that your problem is someone asking vague and difficult
> questions.

Ah, again, you fail to see the difference between a difficult question
and one which is poorly framed.  All of your questions are things which
I and others address on a regular basis.  None are particularly difficult,
yours are just unclear.

> The time it takes to tell me in a negative way that I need
> to learn something would be far better spent saying, "that question is
> too difficult," or someone could suggest a means to get more
> information about the problems I ask about so I can ask better
> questions and/or provide more meaningful background info.

Suggest a means to get more information?  That's been done more
than a few times, and it appears that you don't follow suggestions.

Read Steve Litt's response again.  Read it once more.  Follow his advice.

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