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Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 23:17:28 -0800
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Subject: [web-team] UC Study on STEM Professionals - SVLUG

Dear Andrew, Paul and SVLUG Webmaster,

I am Robin Savinar, the Principal Investigator for a UC Davis study
about the career trajectories of science and technology professionals in
the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

I write to ask if you would share information about the study with the
SVLUG community. Empirical research comparing the professional outcomes
across various sub-fields within STEM is needed to understand which
areas offer the best opportunities for advancement, compensation, etc.
We want to compare these outcomes across gender, race/ethnicity and

Since Linux programmers and other profesionals are an important part of
STEM in Santa Clara and San Francisco, we to make sure your perspectives
are represented.

One component of our research is a brief online survey about
employment.* If you are amenable to sharing the survey link I would send
you a short announcement to circulate to members.*

This study has been approved by UC Davis’ Institutional Review Board.
Participation in the survey is completely voluntary and all responses
will be kept confidential. No personally identifiable information will
be associated with responses in any reports of this data.

I appreciate your consideration and am happy to answer any questions.

*Robin Savinar, PhD Candidate*
*University of California at Davis*
*One Shields Avenue*
*Davis, CA 95616*
*rlsavinar at ucdavis.edu* <rlsavinar at ucdavis.edu>
*(510) 517-0820 <%28510%29%20517-0820>*

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