[svlug] One hard drive per OS...

Michael Eager eager at eagercon.com
Tue Nov 17 14:11:31 PST 2015

On 11/17/2015 01:17 PM, Michael C. Robinson wrote:
>    It is hard to figure out the
> correspondence between Linux's idea of what to call the hard disks/SSDS
> and Grubs idea of how to reference them.  Get the wrong identified disk
> in Grub2 and run grub-install, watch out.  The only way to save
> yourself is to disconnect first the hard drives/SSDS you don't want
> overwritten.

$ cat /boot/grub2/device.map
# this device map was generated by anaconda
(hd0)      /dev/sda
(hd1)      /dev/sdb

In this respect, grub2 seems simpler than grub1.

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