[svlug] serial ports

Howard Susman howard at scsurplus.com
Mon Nov 16 16:44:41 PST 2015

In old old Linux, I had no trouble using serial ports for communication. 
Then maybe ten years ago serial ports did not work for me. I never 
discovered why. My solution was to stick with an old version of Linux.  
I chose and still am using Fedora release 6. Kernel 2.6.22. I could 
still use all my serial ports under that version. Still on Ubuntu 14.04 
LTS my ports did not work. The system did recognize them, but I could 
not use them.  For some reason, I gave it a try under Ubuntu 15.10.  My 
ports are back! It is the same code I used under older versions. I am 
happy and thought I would share my finding.

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