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(Mark - Syminet)  

> Considering sysV logging replacement, etc. -
> ...will we lose things like lsof and fuser too?



are slides from the half-day class on systemd I presented at USENIX/LISA
today.    In the slides or in systemd's copious on-line or man-page
documentation, you might learn that many distributions will augment
systemd-journal with syslog.   If your distribution in fact replaced
syslog with systemd-journal, you could get it back by changing one line
of an /etc configuration file.   However, if you actually tried using
journalctl after reading 'journalctl --help', you might find that you
prefer it. 

Your question about lsof and fuser makes no sense.    Please consider
informing yourself about new software before deciding that you hate it. 

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