[svlug] BLFS-7.7 traceroute problem.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Nov 9 01:37:16 PST 2015

Quoting usually Michael (plug_1 at robinson-west.com):


You ignore things you don't wish to acknowledge, when people ask you
questions you don't like.  Above is a question (thus the question mark),
asked for the second time.  You think what, we all work for you for
free, so what _we_ want to know should always be just ignored?  

Yeah, that really works well for you, doesn't it?  Thus the dead silence
from most SVLUG regulars most of the time when you ask for help,
something I'll say more about below.  Because sucky attitudes make us
feel warm and fuzzy.

> No I won't, there aren't any error messages earlier in the compile
> session.  The errors I am getting aren't descriptive enough for me to
> tell what  library is missing.

I would encourage you to read carefully (and not just errors).

> > Personally, I suspect you might have adopted LFS for the wrong reasons.
> How is that comment helpful? 

It's helpful because the worst possible thing the Linux community does
for people, and it does this all the bloody time, is to give the querent
exactly what he/she wants good'n'hard -- without asking necessary
questions.  All the bloody time, I see seasoned Linux users on online
forums answering some newcomer's questions exactly as posed, while
thinking but never saying 'What a weird thing to want to do.  It's
almost certainly a mistake, but Not My Problem.'

I try to not be that guy.  And that is _not_ just for you (as, this is
actually not all about you):  I would like people to be able to follow
the thread, or read the archives, and say 'Oh, _that's_ what's going
on.'  So, I do this for them, rather more than I do for you.

Nonetheless, if you don't like my help, just say the word, and I'll be
glad to cease attempting to address your problems.  I can't help
noticing that I'm among the few who try, and you've annoyed at least one
extremely benevolent and ultra-helpful person (Steve Litt) to the point
where he killfiled you (and was uncharacteristically vexed enough to
mention publicly having done so).

I'm not that guy, either -- though I have the greatest respect for
Steve.  I do my best to give you the best, honest advice I can, time
permitting -- and that includes sometimes raising necessary questions.

> I chose Linux From Scratch because as far as I know, you can't NFS
> root boot a systemd based Linux system.  I want a reasonably modern
> Linux distribution for bare metal backup and recovery.  

I pointed out several times -- and you chose to ignore me -- that,
contrary to your assumption, a netbooted recovery/maintenance system
needn't use NFS root.  Instead, you can (e.g.) pxeboot a small distro
running from a RAMDisk.  (If you needed more than can squeeze into a
RAMdisk and are not willing to remaster an existing distro of that class
to put what you want into the RAMdisk image file, in those shoes, yes,
I'd go with a USB key.)  I'm not going to harp on tha theme, because
ultimately it _is_ Not My Problem if you insist on doing strange and
difficult things not in any way dictated by the objectives you

I am also unclear on why an NFS-root system syould require LFS.  I am
also entirely unclear on what systemd has to do with any of that.

If your approach ends up working and meeting your needs, good.  If it
doesn't, you should consider the possibility that you have
overconstrained your solutions and start thinking laterally.  In my
experience observing your problems, overconstraining your solutions and 
failing to think laterally has been a huge recurring problem for you,
leading you to hit roadblocks nobody else has and get stuck there for
long periods of time asking for help.

In your shoes, I'd have long ago tried to change tactics.

But hey, do it your way, and good luck with that.  I personally think
you screwed up on the requirements analysis, and so are making your
usual error of energetically trying to solve the wrong problem.

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