[svlug] Grub2 dual boot Linux

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Tue Nov 3 18:51:13 PST 2015

Steve Litt writes:
> To generalize the problem a little more: I hate grub2 as much as I
> liked grub1. It's a huge mistake-prone mess to achieve what should

Agreed. Here's a rant I wrote about grub2 as a SCALE lightning
talk back in 2010 when distros started switching to it:
At the end of that article are links to some articles I wrote for
Linux Planet about how to configure grub2 (if you have to use it).

Me, I switched to using extlinux/syslinux, and was very happy with
that for 4 years or so. I wrote about how to do that here:

But that was before UEFI, and on a UEFI system things work
differently. I haven't had the nerve to try switching my UEFI laptop
over to extlinux yet, though supposedly it's possible, so I've been
putting up with the grub2 that came with it. And forever forgetting
that I have to mount the ubuntu partition (the one that owns grub2
and /boot) before I can update the debian partition (which wants to
write new kernels onto /boot but can't update grub itself).

> be a rather confined task. I'd just use LILO, except no GPT support.
> And I hear eLilo is unmaintained.
> I don't want, and have no use for, splash screens or pretty colors.
> Anyone having good luck with busybox bootloader or other bootloaders?  

Extlinux is almost certainly a much better bet than either lilo or
busybox. It's maintained, it's modern, and it doesn't have all the
silly mistakes of grub2.

And it even has splash screens and pretty colors if you change your
mind about those.

> And if so, what's the best source of documentation for the bootloader
> you use?

Unfortunately none of the bootloaders are documented very well.
Google is the best documentation. And, of course, once you figure it
out, write it up to help other people (I know you're good about
that, Steve). Especially if you figure it out before I get around
to trying it. :-)


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