[svlug] Fix to locking oneself out of /etc/sudoers with Ubuntu 14.04

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jun 17 10:24:40 PDT 2015

Quoting Steve Litt (slitt at troubleshooters.com):

> This is why I migrated away from Ubuntu. I like to boot to a Virtual
> Terminal, and then run startx if I want GUI. Ubuntu made that a
> challenge.
> <humor>So I migrated to Debian, who instantly voted to make systemd the
> default.</humor>
> I'm still using Debian Wheezy with sysvinit, but I'll soon migrate to
> either Manjaro-OpenRC or Devuan.

FWIW, it's pretty trivial to install the OpenRC package on a Debian
Jessie system.  I tested that month ago on a VM installation (out of
caution).  Works exactly as one might hope and expect.

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