[svlug] Network bandwidth problems...

Michael Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Fri Jan 30 14:56:14 PST 2015

My brother is constantly accusing the Linux servers I run a web site on
of flooding the DSL to death.  I need a black box between the DSL modem
and the the switch that the servers and my brother are hooked to.  This
black box should be rock solid and trusted by everyone.  It has one job
and one job only, report when there are bandwidth usage spikes as much
as possible information that is meaningful.  I need IP addresses,
etcetera.  I've contacted our ISP, Peak, and they are looking into
possible denial of service attacks.  My brother wants me to run a script
on all my servers to limit their upstream bandwidth use, but I don't
feel comfortable using the script in a production environment and I
think there was trouble when I deployed it.  I need an enterprise
appropriate solution to the problem of someone tricking my servers into
flooding the DSL to death.  I'd rather set up one black box than deploy
a buggy script on four linux servers.  Any and all help appreciated ;-)

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