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Fri Jan 30 10:03:23 PST 2015

On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 11:33:03AM -0500, Steve Litt wrote:
> Whoa, homeboy, not the top of the hill. You'll continue getting
> smarter and more capable far into the future. You haven't reached the
> top of the hill, you've reached a stupid, irrational obstacle.

Well, considering the life span of both my mother and her father, I'm about 2/3
done. Depending on how one views 2/3 as > or < 1 depends on how one relates that
to 1.5/3. Seems rational to me. Of course I can't predict the future either.

> I view it as putting tht 't' in truth!

Sad, isn't it? However, time has _really_ opened my eyes to many a specticle.
Someday, they'll be there too.

> > That is some creepy f'd up shit. When did our employers go to 'hell
> > in a handbasket'? 
> 3000 BC? You should have been working in the 1970's. The boss told you
> how to vote. You had to wear a suit every day. In 1930 something, my
> aunts worked in a sweatshop paint factory, and came home barfing paint
> every night. In the middle ages before the Black Death, if you were an
> agricultural worker, you weren't *allowed* to move to another town
> where there were better opportunities.

Well, I count my blessings then as a number of my employers (prior to 2003) were
_WAY_ better than that. The laser optics gig was actually really awesome and I
was given a _lot_ of free reign as well as the gig with J.Ryall Flyreels.
Neither paid much, but I had a 'lot' of free reign as they knew I would bend
over backwards to 'do the right thing' and help when I could. Both were 'family'
owned so that also puts a spin on things.

> Cheap, captive, compliant labor. Have you ever worked with people whose
> boss controls their green card? I worked with one, and she smiled
> through every single indignity the boss put her through. I rode a
> skateboard to work and wore what I wanted. I argued with the boss. I
> quit. I got another job. She didn't have those alternatives, unless she
> wanted to get sent back. She did whatever the boss said.

I've worked with people on Visa's, yes, and past that into the 'marginally'
legal status as well. It all depends on the employer. If they _know_ they want
to _abuse_ their work force then I suppose they will dig for the legal loopholes
to find a way to do that. Some run that risk, or go to that length, 'just to help
a person out'. Again, it all depends on the employer.

The gal I worked with was respected for her education. She was management and
paid very little with respect to what her education was worth. It was kind of
sad but, it was a better opportunity than she could have gotten in her country.
Our boss was one of the most _awesome_ people I'd ever had the experience of
working for in my life. He was good to everyone and the employees busted their
asses for him not just to keep their jobs, but because he cared which in turn
resulted in them caring as well.

EFF ID: 1731778

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has limits."
-- Einstein
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