[svlug] Can't get LFS systemd system to boot...

Michael Robinson plug_1 at robinson-west.com
Thu Jan 29 20:40:57 PST 2015

I'm following LFS-7.6-systemd book.  I get a can't mount unknown-0-0
when I try to boot the system.  Not sure if the kernel is to blame,
grub is to blame, or an improper systemd setup is causing the problem.
The development system has 3 hard drives and an SSD in it, so grub
configuration is a bit tricky.  I don't want to fry my main fedora
system with it's own grub for example.  I think when I pop up a boot
menu and select a different hard drive that this might be problematic.
Possible that root=/dev/sdc3 doesn't work right because of a drive
remapping.  What kernel options do I need to be able to use UUIDs
instead of device names?  Any help troubleshooting the can't boot issue
very much appreciated ;-)

I'm building Linux from scratch systemd version because I want to
certify in Linux administration via Linux professional institute.
System V init is being retired obviously and systemd is taking over.
The servers I maintain at home are behind the times a little because I
don't understand systemd.

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