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Scott DuBois <rhcom.linux at gmail.com> wrote:

> It's kind of like why are there so many people out of work when there
> is a plethora of job boards one can subscribe to that are all
> bursting with opportunities? The rationale that 'anyone' would be out
> of work makes no sense whatsoever as there are more jobs offered then
> there are people out of work.

I'm going to guess that you're under 45.

You haven't really lived until you're at a cattle call, and a recruiter
walks right through you to shake hands with a guy 30 years old. The
recruiter knows nothing about either of you.

There are many ways to compensate for age discrimination, but those
jobs that used to get thrown at you on a daily basis start becoming
much less frequent as you gray. The guys who were better than average
but not ninjas: continually employed when their hair was black, are the
first laid off and the last rehired at 55.

And don't forget that some of those job posts are to prove no
qualified Americans want the job:


Don't assume those not employed are lazy or bad at their job. There's a
lot more than meets the eye.


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