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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Jan 23 23:20:53 PST 2015

Quoting Scott DuBois (rhcom.linux at gmail.com):

> Good work on getting your server up and running again. Did you use your new
> hardware?

I used the last (#3) of my supply of L440GX+ 'Lancewood' motherboards,
in order to minimise introduction of new variables.  It turned out that
two in a row had both gotten fried, in different VA Linux Systems 2230
chassises, consecutively, in the two consecutive hardware failures.

Solving the software problem followed, and was the actual difficult

I didn't use the 'new hardware' for reasons I explained to you on a
couple of occasions, as that would defeat the purpose of its purchase,
and because I had eminently usable used (but power-sucking and very
noisy) Dell Poweredge 1850 and 2850 (P4) rackmount servers standing by.
Which is what I explained to you earlier, so I find it strange that you
keep coming back to 'Did you use the new hardware?'

Anyway, I hope you have someone who's an expert on effective, modern
antispam using Postfix.  It'd be a research project for me to re-develop
that information, and I'm not doing that at the moment, as my solution
suffices for my needs.

There is a great deal of really bad advice about antispam out there,
such as the many people who think it's a good idea to _not_ do primary
antispam processing during the SMTP conversation before issuing a 220 or
45x or 55x response.  Good luck.

Cheers,            "Orthodoxy is my doxy.  Heterodoxy is someone else's doxy."
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