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Tue Jan 20 16:24:58 PST 2015

On Tue, 20 Jan 2015 12:29:24 -0700
Mark - Syminet <mark at syminet.com> wrote:

> Well said (as usual) - my interest these days is mostly on OpenRC.  
> The Debian developer for OpenRC was one of the calmest, soundest 
> minds during the whole flamethread and basically "did the right
> thing"(TM) ...asking for people to put their energy toward
> development help to port it to debian - instead of fighting.  
> He was right, and it speaks loudly to the different mindset of the
> developers (OpenRC vs. systemd).  

OpenRC is an *outstanding* choice. Remember, if you need to respawn
stuff, and you always need to respawn your Virtual Terminals, you either
need to do the respawn in the actual PID1 (if your pid1 is sysvinit or
runit, or even Epoch), or use something like daemontools or
daemontools-encore, on top of OpenRC, to run the services that need

I get the impression from hanging out on the #Manjaro-OpenRC and
#OpenRC channels that in real life, lack of respawning isn't that big a
deal for most use cases.

I'm subjectively under the impression that *a lot* of people are going
with OpenRC these days.


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