[svlug] ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Mon Jan 19 02:09:08 PST 2015

Scott DuBois wrote:

> True, but everyone is entitled to a lapse in good judgement.

Sheesh, I don't know why everyone is skewing towards the harsh.  To repeat
once again what I already said a couple of times, I merely made a
suggestion.  That is very far from asserting that anyone suffered a lapse of
good judgement.

> I may have read this site, not sure, as I went through many sites,
> instructions, and forums to find a working solution; still nothing
> working. 

I have two pragmatic suggestions for diagnosis:

1.  After installing the three needed libs, run 'ldd' (list dynamic
dependencies) on the main vlc binary.  This will permit you to make sure 
VLC is actually able to resolve them (or, more exactly, that the dynamic
linker is able to find them for the binary at runtime).

2.  Use an encrypted Blu-Ray issued no later than 2010 as your initial test
case.  As I mentioned, encrypted Blu-Rays are deliberately a moving target:
Our Lords in Hollywood designed the spec to be updateable in case cracks in
the Digital Restrictions Management regime appear.  So, see if _early_
encrypted Blu-Rays can be read, first.  If that's true but only more-recent
ones are unreadable, then that's a wholly different problem.

> I even tried scraping some files from the old Kubuntu backups and trying
> to get blu-ray working on a Kubuntu VM as a workaround.

Just making sure (because I've been careful about my wording, and I'm pretty
sure you haven't):  Your issue isn't Blu-Rays generically, but rather
encrypted Blu-Rays, e.g., studio movies, right?  

If you were, say, unable to read regular non-encrypted Blu-Rays burned on my
Blu-Ray / DVD / CD burner drive, again, that would be completely different

We had this communication problem back in the early days of Linux support
for studio movie DVDs, too.  A user would come onto LUG mailing lists and
say he/she couldn't make 'DVDs' work, leaving completely unclear whether the
problem was mass storage support for DVD media, or support for working
around the studio movies' Content Scrambling System _on_ relevant DVDs.

It would be nice not to go through that confusion a second time, just
because people can't be bothered to be specific.

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