[svlug] ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?

Scott DuBois rhcom.linux at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 18:35:18 PST 2015

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 11:05:19AM +0100, Ivan Sergio Borgonovo wrote:
> Unless ubuntu package maintainers are asshole in compiling the list of
> dependencies I'd say that Debian is more prone to become bloated
> considering that the number of *officially supported* package in Debian
> could be between 2 and 3 times the ones in Ubuntu.
> There are a plethora of unsupported Ubuntu repository exactly for that
> reason.

That's the thing, does one _care_ about 'officially' supported or not? Software
devs want to get paid (for the most part) and are willing to dev for free for
only so long before they start asking for some financial support for their
efforts. It's a legit concern and no one should reprimand them for wanting to be
compensated for their efforts.

The question comes down to whether or not one is willing to have their platform
open to indie devs who's code hasn't been QC'd by the platform providers?
There's good and bad on both sides of the fence.

> Linux on the desktop is a fairy tale. It's a miracle we have so
> functional graphic environment considering there are very few money you
> can earn from writing a DE for Linux.

Oh, I don't know if I'd go _that_ far. Reports come out every year of more
companies switching to some Linux based system; perticularly overseas. We are
all aware of the cost savings involved over the long run. When one looks at the
numbers (I don't know how accurate they are) of people using various distros
from distrowatch, they're not getting smaller. Then, tie this into events such
as Steam for Linux and more companies getting on board with the Linux Foundation
providing support for Linux, I'd say the platform continues to grow. Maybe not
as fast as we'd like, or in the direction we think it should, but it is.

> No one really care if you can't watch your blueray on your server or on
> your development machine.

This is mostly true. As companies continue to provide services like Netflix and
UltraViolet, it's much easier to port those web based services to _all_
operating systems then it is to dev for each of the unique platforms. This is
where Google really has the right idea with ChromeOS.

> Guess what... a lot of developers that don't have to stay too near to
> the metal are using Macs even if the software they are writing is going
> to run on Linux.

I know this. I still wouldn't turn over my 'frankenbox' for a Mac though. For
just 'random' doing things it's fine but I would hardly calssify the two as
comparitive. That Mac takes a shit and it's not going to be so easy (or cheap) to recover.
This desktop of mine, I can fix anything from bare metal out. Some people care
about that stuff still, most don't.

> I think that the increase in complexity to replicate in a non native box
> a good enough dev environment in a different platform overcome the need
> of watching blueray and having a cool notebook.


> I do understand the importance of being able to watch a blueray on your
> everyday computer if you care about free software world dominance, but
> well it seems it is going to happen some other way.

Maybe. It all depends on how ambitious some multimedia dev junkie decides to get
and figure out how to bring blu-ray to Linux. A few people have accomplished it
it the 'not so distant' past, they may very well do it again. To me, it's not
_that_ important but, I thought I would mention it anyway as it never hurts to
ask. I can still watch regular DVD's all day if I want and that's fine. I rarely
take the time to do so as I'm usually busy doing other things when on the
computer anyway.

> On the long run it is going to pay off. Actually who really care about
> blueray when you've the internet?

It's true... =)

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"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has limits."
-- Einstein
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