[svlug] ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Sat Jan 17 17:41:15 PST 2015

Jesse Monroy wrote:

> I think you are missing the entire point.

No, I'm really not.  Your original post
(http://lists.svlug.org/archives/svlug/2015-January/060192.html) posed the
question in the subject header plus 'Does someone know where this [WiFi] table is

Irrespective of when (or how) you 'did get the answer [you were] looking for', 
the point is that the only diagnostic data you gave aspiring helpers was
your distro name / revision, and with only minute effort could have
furnished the relevant process name.  (Given that you're a multi-decade Unix
veteran, gathering that datum would have been a cinch for you, so it's
surprising you didn't bother.)

Again:  Not a complaint; just a suggestion.  Your not assuming you
automatically need specialised distro help, and giving relevant _generic_
basic data, will usually get you better help, sooner.

I'm also talking across your shoulder to other Ubuntu users who keep
forgetting their systems are 98% identical to all other Linux systems and
shoot themselves in the foot by making that same error.

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