[svlug] ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?

Jesse Monroy jesse650 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 17 15:52:44 PST 2015

On 1/17/15, Rick Moen <rick at svlug.org> wrote:
> Jesse Monroy wrote:
>> Following that analogy a bit, my question was more of
>> "I've got tuna on the line. How do I get rid of the dolphin?"
> No, your question was more like 'I've got a _red_ fish on the line.
> Therefore, are there any _Stanford graduates_ who can help me get rid of
> the
> thing-I'm-not-going-to-bother-to-specify-that-eats-fish?'  (I'm picking on
> Stanford University because its mascot, ond sports-team name, is the colour
> 'cardinal', replacing the politically awkward Stanford Indians starting in
> 1981.)

I think you are missing the entire point.

1) I was asking the question.
2) I did get the answer I was looking for, before I got the answer I
was NOT looking for.
Namely, fishing, not fish.
3) At the risks of being labelled racist, all Distros of Linux look
good, how am I supposed to
know which variant of which software package was used with which Distro.

The general answer I got gave me far more knowledge, the answer it's in

/etc/{the pathname I've now forgot}/randomly-named.conf

according to man {utility-name-I've-forgotten}

At this point, I know that it's either

* wpa_supplicant (the bastard child of a industry)
* NetworkManager (the favorite project of an green engineer with
shallow real-world experience)
* wicd (a utility I have no clue about)

However, I did learn that Ubuntu, or perhaps it's base Distro, has
made a (blind) concerted effort to resolve a real world problem.
The implications of which allow edges cases, such connecting to
Duckin Dounts when you meant to connect to Jack in the Box,
to be down right annoying.

By the way, buckshot is still made of lead.


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