[svlug] phppgadmin

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Sat Jan 17 15:31:59 PST 2015

Michael Robinson wrote:

> I have it installed and can log in as a non privileged user, but I need
> to be able to log in as postgres if I need to modify permissions on
> users.  

The missing bit that should have followed the quoted text is the bit where
you say 'Here is specifically what I'm trying [relevant copy-and-paste from
terminal session], and here is the diagnostic information I've collected
during my attempts to do that.'

Just a suggestion.

Quoting from your follow-up post:

> The error I get is some security warning that logging into phppgadmin as
> postgres isn't allowed.

And the reason you didn't quote verbatim -- in either of your two postings --
the error text, so that people wanting to help you don't need to guess, is
what?  It's a state secret?

A little birdie told me that this Web-search string is worth your time:

   'postgres user' phppgadmin

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