[svlug] ubuntu 14.04 where are the wifi tables stored?

Rick Moen rick at svlug.org
Sat Jan 17 10:26:02 PST 2015

Just to recap my point:  I basically wanted to point out that asking on a LUG
mailing list inquiries of the form 'Can anyone using $MYDISTRO help me?' is
usually[1] contrary to your interests.

The software pieces comprising Linux (and BSD) distributions is widespread
and part of a Unix technical culture going back 45 years.  Odds are, someone
here either has relevant experience or can help you look up what you need.
All you have to do is name the software in question, or, y'know, throw us a

But addressing your help request specifically to $MYDISTRO users implicitly
says 'All you _other_ people who can help me, I'm not talking to you.'  And
why on earth would you convey that message?

One cannot help noticing that $MYDISTRO is almost invariably Ubuntu, these
days, just as in the middle '90s it was Red Hat Linux.

With some Ubuntu users, I'm at least a little reminded of the classic
Macintosh user mindset, in which members in good standing of the Church of
Steve were encouraged to NOT think of themselves as using an operating
system or applications at all, but rather wrapping themselves in an abstract
technology concept called 'Macintosh' (not conceived of as 'a Macintosh' or
'Mac OS', just "Macintosh'), which in this model was a seamless
life-experience thing with no perceivable parts, set apart from other,
lesser computer software in its own category.  I.e., there was an implicit
promise to those participating in the 'Macintosh' experience of no messy
details, no components, no accessible innards, and never two different ways
to do anything - just a shiny seemless whole.

A similar mindset seems to be common among DE users who experience cognitive
dissonance when I explain to them the way their DEs consist of individual
applications, libraries, and support code that can be chosen -- and
diagnosed - on an 'a la carte basis' without needing the _entire_ DE in the
first place.  Some of those users seem actively distressed when I say that.
They object to choices, and to awareness of low-level mechanism.

(I'm not pointing to anyone in present company -- just y'all don't get your
backs up.)

But anyway, your best chance of getting effective help with a specific
codebase starts with identifying and mentioning that codebase's name or 
pathspec - even if you're an Ubuntu and GNOME user.

For those who'd rather not, there are plenty specialised Ubuntu ghettos
where messy Unix reality isn't a factor, such as ubuntuforums.org, among

[1] Obviously not counting things that truly _are_ distro-specific, but
those are far fewer than most people seem to think.  

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